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Forever Young – FEY Restaurant&Club – A passion under the imprint of time! “Out of love for everything that is old, I gathered all my valuable belongings and I used them to decorate a unique space in the historical center of Bucharest, namely Restaurant Club Forever Young – FEY.”

The restaurant is located in a famous building from the 1940s, namely Agricola-Fronciera. Decorated in Baroque style, with unique collectibles, carefully gathered together, each object having its own story.

Forever Young Restaurant has come alive with the desire to create a place for us those who do not find ourselves in the atmosphere of this generation. Located in a private corner, on the edge of the old center of Bucharest, where we still have the fragrance of the little Paris around us. Forever Young is a cozy and intimate restaurant. The special traditional and international menu, prepared with love by professional chefs, will send you back in the romantic years of the interwar Bucharest.

The decorations made with collectibles, the exquisite food and the quality of the carefully chosen products, as well as the music of a long gone era, will guide you through an evening story, as if materialized from the songs and movies of the interwar artists.

In the basement the location has a club we called FEY which is also decorated in baroque style, equipped with the latest musical equipment, the musical atmosphere being created by a professional DJ.

Here you can enjoy fine drinks, cocktails, old wines and champagne or various shots. FEY club is the ideal place for private parties, themed parties, karaoke, team building, and unforgettable dance evenings!
For those looking for peace, discretion and privacy, Restaurant Club Forever Young – FEY is the ideal place!

Forever Young

Forever Young – FEY Restaurant&Club – A passion under the imprint of time!

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11.00  – 23.00
Mon - Th
12:00 – 04:00
  • +40723541277
  • forever.young80@yahoo.com


Where do you find Us

Strada Nicolae Tonitza 13, București 030167

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